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Baby Think it Over

This program helps the grade eight students to experience many of the responsibilities as the parent of a new infant. As a temporary parent, each student will provide care for computerized infant which must be supervised by the student. It is their responsibility to tend to the Baby’s needs. The outcome of this program is to have the students understand the consequences of sex when they are not ready and the cost of raising a child, the emotional and physical commitments and an understanding of how much time raising the baby takes away from being a teenager.

Parents are encouraged to help by providing emotional support and treating the Baby as if it were real. Offering advice but the student should do the actual work of caring for the Baby.

These computerized babies are taken home over night by each student and returned to school the following day. These babies are programmed and will reveal at what exact care they have through. For example, was the baby fed? Was the baby crying long? Or was the baby mishandled?