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The Wikwemikong Pontiac School was constructed in 1958 and of interesting note became the site of the community’s water distribution once construction was complete.    Pontiac School  is a one-story building that has since experienced additions to accommodate higher student populations;  one in 1963, which was the “T” shaped addition to the east side of the building, the gymnasium in 1985 and finally, another addition in 2007 to the North side of the building.

Pontiac School was named after a famous Odawa war Chief and leader named Pontiac.    Pontiac’s formidable role as a daring actor and determined spirit in a Great Lake battle, rightly named Pontiac’s War, which forced the British to recognize Aboriginal rights and also led to the Royal Proclamation of 1763‎ and the Treaty of Niagara in 1764.  For this reason, Chief Pontiac serves as the inspiration for the school’s name and the amazing fact that Pontiac’s descendants do call Wikwemikong their home!

Today, Pontiac School students exhibit ambition and determination in their own brave way, striving for academic success, cultural retention and athletic prowess in the spirit of Chief Pontiac.