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Steps to Address Questions and/or Concerns

The Wiikwemkoong Board of Education (WBE) and all our schools want to hear your questions and concerns regarding your child, and we always make every effort to address them as quickly as possible. Below is the best way to contact us, who you should reach out to, and when.
In almost all situations, your child’s classroom teacher is the first point of contact, followed by the school’s principal/program manager, the systems principal, the Director of Education, and finally your WBE Committee member. If it is a transportation issue please call the transportation manager at 705-859-2233.
Step 1 - Classroom Teacher
The first person to contact about classroom-related issues or concerns is your child's classroom teacher. Teachers know your child best and will be in the best position to help you. They can assist with:
- Any questions about the classroom
- Classroom rules and consequences
- Homework and assignments
VISIT your school's website and click on the staff listing to contact your child's teacher. 
Step 2 - School Principal/Program Manager
If you would like more information or if you have questions that are beyond the classroom, talk to your school principal. They can help with:
- Concerns about an individual school
- Student Registration
- Student schedules
- Student suspensions
- Report card concerns
- Homework and assignments
- Code of Conduct
- Well-being
- Budget and fundraising
- Parent Council
VISIT your school's website and click on the staff listing to contact your child's principal or click on the proper principal to be directed to their staff email. 
Pontiac School
Step 3 - Systems Principal
The Systems Principal is responsible for the smooth operation of all WBE Schools including the Hub Centre. They support school principals and other staff and can be contacted if you have questions that have not been answered or for help with:
- Alternate attendance request
- Suspension appeals
Dylan MacDonell
Step 4 - WBE Director of Education
The Director of Education will hear your objections regarding a decision or course of action taken by a principal or the system's principal:
- Appeals on decisions
Step 5 - WBE Committee Member
Committee Members are your appointed community representatives. They are available to
help you with the following areas of the WBE:
- Concerns about your community
- Ideas and suggestions for the WBE
- Items on WBE Agendas
- WBE policies under review
- WBE budget